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Open In Quotelist


As of version 5.3 of your software it is possible to save Pre-computed Scan Results as Quotelist files for later viewing.

This is achieved through the Open In Quotelist context item accessed by right clicking on any Pre-computed scan.

Once selected, the Open in Quotelist feature will open a new Quote Page containing all of the symbols from the Pre-computed scan result.


Creating Quotelists of Major Indexes

Hubb maintain constituent lists for some of the major world indexes provided by Standard and Poors as well as lists of all Optionable stocks on the ASX and US markets.

The constituents are updated at the beginning of each month and are located within the Sectors tab of your Pre-computed Scans work page

The Indexes currently supported are:

S&P ASX 20
S&P ASX 50
S&P ASX 100
S&P ASX 200
S&P 100
S&P 500
S&P HKEX Large Cap
S&P ASX All Ords
ASX Optionables
US Optionables

Create Quotelist from Pre-computed Scan Result

In order to create a Quotelist from a Precomputed scan result you may utilise the Open in Quotelist feature within the Precomputed Scan Results.

The process of which is outlined below.

Open your Precomputed Scans work page


Once the page loads, right click on any Precomputed Scan result list and left click on Open In Quotelist


Upon  selecting this option your software will create a new Tab with the results of the selected Precomputed Scan Result displayed


Saving the Quotelist File

Once the Quotelist has been populated with the scan results you may save the file for later viewing via the Save As option of the Action menu


A default filename derived from the Precomputed scan result should be autofilled and you can either choose to keep this filename or choose your own filename to save the file under.

Once you have selected a filename you may select the Save option.

The Quotelist may now be accessed by navigating to Quotes menu and selecting Open QuoteList.





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