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Adding Symbols

There are two methods of adding individual symbols to a Quote List: use the Add button, or select the symbols from the Symbols Tree.

If you have access to compatible data files, large numbers of symbols can be imported into a Quote List using the Import/Export Wizard.

Add Button

Click on the Add button butn_add.gif in the quote page's function bar to open the Symbol Lookup dialog box:


Enter the Symbol you wish to add to the Quote Page and click on the OK button to add that symbol to the list.

Note - You can add securities, indices, options, warrants or futures to your quote list.

You can even include different types of instruments in the one quote list.

If the exchange does not appear automatically or if you are not sure of the exchange code for the instrument, use the Search function.

Repeat this process until you have added all of the instruments that you wish to include in the quote list.

Populate from the Navigation Bar's Symbol Tree

The Navigation Bar's Symbol Trees offer an efficient and dynamic means of navigating through, displaying and selecting specific securities to add to the quote page.

Click the Nav button butn_navbar.gif in the Function bar to hide or re-display the Navigation Bar. Symbols are grouped into types of securities, for example Stocks, Futures, Forex, etc. In each group the symbols are further divided by market, and some markets are subdivided into sectors. The "leaves" of the tree are individual symbols.

To add a symbol from a Symbol Tree into a Quote Page, simply open the Quote page, and select any quote in the group (or select the group summary row) in which you want to insert the security.

Then go into the Symbol Tree and find the security you want to insert, double left mouse click on the security. It will be inserted as a Quote in the Quote Page group that you had earlier selected.

For more information on managing and navigating in the Navigation Bar's Symbol Tree, go to the Using the Navigation Bar help topic.

Saving Changes

When you have completed the changes to the Quote Page, click the save icon butn_save.gif in the Quote Page function bar to save the changes.

Symbols Import/Export Wizard

An effective and efficient way of populating Quote Lists, particularly for those users migrating from third party software such as Advanced GET, is to use the Symbol Import Wizard.

The wizard can import text files (.txt) containing symbols. The symbols are loaded into Your SOFTWARE, and if local data exists for the symbol, the symbol and data relating to it can be loaded onto the Quotes list.

For more information go to the Symbols Import Export Wizard help topic.

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