Using Quote Pages

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Using Quote Pages and Lists

The two groups of tools for user interaction with the Quotes lists are found in the Quotes Function Bar and in the Quotes Pop-up Menus.

The Quotes Function bar is found on the top of the Quotes and Quotes List Page, while the pop-up menus are displayed by selecting a Quote or Quote group and single right mouse clicking it.

Quote Page Function Bar

The following tools and buttons are part of the Quote Page Function Bar:


The same tools display whether the Quote list is organized into groups, or as a single list of quotes.

Refresh Data

Click the refresh button butn_go-off.gif to update the data displayed in the Quote Lists.

For more information go to the Keeping Quote Pages Up-to-Date topic.

Action Menu

The Action menu consists of a drop-down menu and a sub-menu relating to a selected Quote's symbol.


If an individual quote is not selected, the Actions for "Symbol" command and sub-menu will be disabled.

For more information on the extensive tools available this menu and sub-menu, go to the Action Menu help topic.


Group Menu

The Group drop down menu contains tools for working with Groups.

For more information on these tools, go to the Creating Groups and Managing Groups sections of the Quote List Groups help topic.


For more information on the Add button butn_add.gif, and for alternative methods of adding symbols to the Quotes List, go to the detailed  Adding Symbols help topic.


Select a Quote, or a Quote Group, and click the Delete button butn_delete.gif.

If nothing suitable for deletion has been selected, the button will be disabled.

Delete Groups using the Delete function on the Group Menu, above. Go to the Managing Groups section of the Quote List Groups help topic for more information on deleting groups.

Stream Data

When a real-time data feed has been subscribed to, the user can turn on or off the data stream.

Click the blue Stream arrow to turn on the data stream, the arrow will be surrounded by a blue line: butn_stream-on.gif

The chart will update as soon as new data is received. When data is updated it will be momentarily highlighted with a yellow background.

Toggle the arrow to turn data stream off. The blue line will not display: butn_stream-off.gif


Whenever changes are made to the Quote Page, click the save icon butn_save.gif to permanently save the changes.

Other save options include to Save As..., refer to the Action menu for more information on this facility.

Show Navigation bar and Symbol Tree

The Quote Page's Navigation bar is displayed by clicking on the Navigation bar icon in the function bar: butn_navbar.gif

This button has a toggle effect, opening and closing the navigation bar on the left margin of the Quote Page Work area.

The Symbol Tree is located in the navigation bar and can be used to quickly populate the Quote Page groups. For specific help on using the Symbol Tree with the Quote Lists, go to the Add Symbols help topic.

The Symbol Tree is a data reference tool that is also used by the Price Chart, and Scanner functions. For a full description of this important tool, go to the Symbol Tree help topic.

Apply View

Single left mouse click on the down arrow to drop-down the list of available views:


Select a view and single left mouse click on it to apply it to the Quote Page.

For more information on applying views, as well as creating and saving custom views, go to the Quote List Display - Custom Views help topic.


In the top right hand corner of the Charts window is the News headline display.

Each time you open a new screen, or refresh the data, the most recent news headline will be retrieved and displayed.

Single left-mouse click on the Headline to view it in the News Article window of the News work page.

The work page also includes a list of other Breaking News and a Search News facility containing search and news filter tools.

For more information, go to the Headline News help topic.

Pop-up Menus

Pop-up Quote Menu

Select a Quote, single right mouse click on it and the Quote pop-up menu will display:


It is similar to the Action Menu's Action for "Symbol"'s sub-menu.

For more information on these tools and options, go to the Action for "Symbol" Sub-Menu section of the Action menu help topic.

The Group sub-menu includes commands to insert a new group after the selected Quote, or to Add a new group at the end of the current Quote List. For more information go to the Creating Groups section of the Groups help topic.

Pop-Up Group Menu

Select a Group, single right mouse click on it and a Group specific pop-up menu will appear:


The Group drop down sub-menu contains tools for working with Groups.

For more information on these tools, go to the Creating Groups and Managing Groups sections of the Quote List Groups help topic.

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