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Symbol Information

Ultimately Quote Pages and Quote Lists are composed of individual Symbols.

Each line in the Quote list is devoted to an individual symbol and a wide variety of information can be displayed in the line, and the line can contain links to other functions, such as price charts and price data tables.

There is even a function for creating notes for each symbol.

Data Field Views

For each symbol a great deal of data is retrieved.

Much of this data can be displayed in a number of different ways in the Quote page lists, in fact users can defined exactly which data fields they want to view, and in what order they should be displayed.

Custom Views

Users can define a custom view, save it and later apply it to the Quote Page.

There are over twenty-five data fields, icons, data calculations and links that can be selected for a custom view.

In the example below, the user-defined Recent Market Performance view has been applied. Go to the Custom Views topic in the Shared Utilities section for more information on creating, saving and applying custom views.


In the following sections of this topic some of the more common data fields and links will be described.

Price Chart Link

For each symbol in a Quote Page, you can have two options for opening its chart: create a new chart for the symbol, or select a chart previously saved for the symbol.

Create New Chart

To open a new chart, click on the charting icon butn_prichart.gif on the symbol's line on the Quote Page:


The new chart will be created using current default template and will open in the work area.

Open Saved Charts

The second way of opening a Quote Page symbol's chart is by selecting the symbol's row, and double left-mouse clicking:


The result will depend on whether or not you have previously saved a chart for this symbol.

If you have previously saved a chart for this symbol, the chart that you had previously saved will now open in the work area.

If you have never saved a chart for this symbol before, new chart will be created using current default template and will open in the work area.

If you have previously created and saved more than one chart for this symbol, the Chart Pages selection dialog will display. Scroll through the list and select the chart you want to open.

In all of the above instance, after the chart opens in the work area, the Quote Page will also remain open, accessible through the Page Monitor.

Price Data Table Link

Click on the price data icon icon_pricdata.gif on the symbol's line on the Quote Page to open the Price Data table for that symbol.

The Price Data table contains all the price data currently downloaded for the particular symbol.

Go to the Price Data help topic for more information.

Symbol Notes

To create a notes for any of the symbols on a Quote Page, click on the notes icon:


A floating Note dialog box will appear.

Enter text into the dialog box, and click OK to save the information:


When a note has been saved for a symbol the notes icon will change to yellow:


Available Data Fields

Go to the Quote Page View options topic for a full list of available data fields.

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