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Quote Page Groups

This topic has the following sections: using, creating, managing and saving groups.

Using Groups

Your SOFTWARE allows you to group instruments into individual quote lists within each quote page.

In this way, you can compare the performance of groups of instruments against each other as well as look at instruments by exchange, sector or portfolio, within a single list.

Expand/Collapse Groups

To view the list of quotes within each group, click on the minus sign beside the group heading to contract the group or the plus sign to expand the group to display the items within that group.


The Group Heading is defined when you create the group. It can later be renamed or deleted, see below.

Each group will appear with a summary of how many instruments' prices have gained, lost or stayed the same during the last trading session. This lets you compare the performance of different sectors or of instruments trading on different exchanges.

Sorting Data Fields in Groups

Click on the headings of fields containing data and a small triangle will appear either before or after the heading text.

Single left mouse click on the heading to sort the contents of the Group by that column's heading:

Alphanumeric data will sort first numerically, then alphabetically. The sorting takes place within each group.

The arrow will indicate if the sort was ascending (upward arrow) or descending (downward arrow).

Click on the heading again to reverse the sort.

Click on another heading and the group will be sorted using that data.

Creating Groups


To create a group, click on the Group button in the Quote page’s function bar to drop-down the Group sub-menu:

Select Add. Enter a name in the Group Name dialog box and click OK. This will add a new group to the end of the quote list.

Alternatively, select a group or a quote on the Quote Page and select Insert. This will insert the group above the security that is selected in the list, and will include all of the instruments that are below the selected security.

You can add as many groups as you need to a quote page.

Managing Groups

When you choose to add or insert a group, you will be prompted to name the group. You can rename the group at a later stage by highlighting the group heading and selecting Rename from the Group menu.

You can also delete a group by highlighting the group and selecting Delete from the Group menu.

Note - Deleting the group will also delete all of the instruments within the group.

Once you have created a group you can add instruments by highlighting the group and then clicking on the Add button. Go to the Adding Symbols help topic for more information.

Alternatively, you can add a security into a group, or move instruments between groups, by dragging and dropping. When you have dropped the Quote in a new group the following query will appear:


Click Yes to confirm the move.

Note - You can highlight multiple instruments by holding down the Ctrl button and clicking on the required instruments with your mouse. This lets you move or delete a number of items in a single move.

Saving Changes

When you have completed the changes to the Quote Page, click the save icon butn_save.gif in the Quote Page function bar to save the changes.

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