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Quote Pages

The Quotes feature within Your SOFTWARE allows you to monitor all of the markets in the manner that best suits your trading strategies.

The Quotes feature gives you the ability to create lists of instruments, organize them into groups and then view the latest data on these instruments quickly and easily from a single Quote Page.

The Quote Page is the heart of Your SOFTWARE. From here you can view essential data on any security, conveniently jump to its Chart Page window, view its Price Data page, and more.

Quotes of individual securities are put into Quote Lists. Quote lists can be further arranged into Quote List Groups. Quote Lists and Groups, both comprising individual security Quotes, are displayed on single Quote Pages.

Advantages of Quote Pages

Quote Pages comprised of quotes lists, arranged into groups, have the following advantages:

Multiple Instruments

Each page can store numerous symbols, and symbols for various kinds of securities.

Multiple Groups

Each page may be divided into groups, with activity summaries for the symbols contained in each group. Each group is assigned its own name. The groups can be industry based, market based or subject to any criteria you are comfortable with.

Multiple Quote Pages

You can have as many Quote Pages as you wish. All the Quote Pages you create are referenced and managed from the same location, the Select Quote List dialog box.

Data Update Function

The data displayed for each of the quotes in a Quote Page or Quote List can be updated at any time using the Data on Demand function. For more information go to the Keeping Quote Pages Up-to-Date topic.

Variable Data Display

The data fields displayed for all the quotes on a Quote page can be defined by the user.

These definitions are stored as "views". A drop-down View Selector allows the user to change the type and amounts of data displayed across the whole Quote Page in a matter of seconds.

Data movements are displayed with icons or numbers.

Superior Organization and Navigation

The grouping function, together with the Symbol Tree data reference tool, allows quote list groups to be quickly created and populated.

Groups aid in navigating through large amounts of data, and the convenient group summaries can provide important market indicators without having to open the group.

Migrate Quote Lists from and to other Software

Using the Import/Export Wizard you can import lists of securities from other software or colleagues, brokers, etc. and you can export your Quote List contents to an Excel spreadsheet.

Start Page

Both Quote List Pages and individual Quotes are displayed on OptionGear's start page allowing ready access at all times during a trading session.

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