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sitmicon34.gifThis content is provided in support of the Safety in the Market (SITM) module for Your SOFTWARE and may not be applicable to your package. For more information, go to the Modules topic of this help.

Trading Plan Diary Statistics

This report summarizes the entries you made in your Trading Plan Diaries regarding your performance using the SITM Module's ABC Trading Plan functionality.

Specifically the report will summarize the entries you made in the Pre-Trade and Post-Trade tabbed pages of each Trading Plan Wizard dialog.

You can use these performance summaries to compare your trading activities and improve your trading over time.

Use the print preview toolbar to scroll through or zoom in/out to review the contents. Use the Settings and Refresh buttons to change the scope and contents of the report. Use the Print and Print Setup buttons to print the report in the required fashion.

The scope of the summary can be set for a particular period of time, and/or group of securities which you specify in the Trading Plan Diary Statistics Report dialog box, see next.


The scope of the report can be defined by the following criteria:

Date Range

Select Last 7 Days or Last 30 Days from the drop-down menu or define a Custom... range.

For Custom... ranges, type in the Start and End dates in the text boxes indicated.

Symbols Range

Either select All or specify a single Symbol to report on.

Instrument type

When All is selected in the previous setting, the range or trades included in the report can be restricted to only Stocks or Futures.

Trade type

Select Long or Short, or Both.

Whether a Trading Plan is Long or Short depends on the ABC formation that it is converted from using the Trading Plan Wizard.

Trade Status

Select Active or Completed or Both.

Click OK to generate the report

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