Trade Detail Report

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Trade Detail

The Trade Detail report provides details of all transactions recorded as a trade.  

Transactions must have been allocated to a trade when you initially entered a transaction into the portfolio. Transactions that have not been allocated to a trade will not appear in the Trades tab of the Portfolio details view and will not be included in any Trade Report.

Refer to the Trade Tab topic of the Portfolio Details View section of this help for more information on Trades and their management.

Entry and exit details on each instrument of the trade are included, with price, quantity, brokerage and cost.  Also included are the current holdings, the period held and any unrealized profits or losses.

Define Scope of Report

Use the Trade Detail dialog box to define the scope of the information to be included in the report:


The General Report Options section contains setting relating to the Portfolio or account to access, accounting standards and the timeframe to include.

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