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ABC Listing Report

There are two methods of creating an ABC Listing Report from the Portfolio Reports on the Portfolios function bar menu, or from the ABC Points pop-up trading tools menu.

ABC Points Pop-up Menu

Users can right mouse click on ABC Points Hi-Lite's points or label to open the ABC Trading Tools Pop-up menu.

Select ABC Listing Report to create a printable report containing details of all the ABC formations for the current symbol using all available data.

Portfolio Reports Dialog

Alternatively, select Portfolio Reports from the Portfolios function bar menu and enter a symbol directly.

Select ABC Listing Report from the Reports dialog box.

The ABC Listing Report Parameters dialog box will open:



Select a symbol for the report to be based on


Select between Both Long and Short, or either Long (indicating an upward price movement) or Short (downward price direction).

ABC Settings

The calculations used to identify ABC formations can be set by the user, click the ABC Settings button to open the dialog box.

These settings are the same as those used in ABC Points Hi-Lites and Trading Plans.

Refer to the ABC Points Settings help topic for details on these settings.

ABC Listing Report Contents

The contents of the ABC Listing report will depend on which Hi-Lite is being used to create it: ABC Long or ABC Short. When both are selected, the first column will indicate whether the ABC formation is long or short.

The report will list for all ABC points the date and price of the point.


Each row will contain the details for a single ABC points group.

All the ABC formations for the symbol will be identified and displayed to the extent of the price data on the local database. More data can be downloaded using the Custom Data download facility.

Print ABC Listing Report

Users can preview the display and print using the shared printing utility found on the Reports Toolbar.

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