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Portfolio Reports

Your SOFTWARE's Reports have been designed to output your trading data in a convenient and easy to understand printed format.

Reports give you a paper-based backup of your trading activity, and are helpful in the preparation of financial returns.

They will also give you a good measure of your financial efficiency and allow you to monitor your trading.

Click here to view a list and details of current Report types.

Creating Reports

Open the Reports selection dialog box by clicking the Portfolio Reports command from the Portfolios drop-down menu on the Integrated Investor toolbar:


The Reports dialog box contains a list of all the report templates:


The reports are predefined for the software and are arranged in alphabetical order.

Select a report type from the list, and click Open.

Each type of report has a slightly different dialog box in which you select the range of data and items to be included in report. When you are satisfied with the content of the report, click OK.

View the List of Reports currently available.

Reports Function Bar

A print preview of the report will display, along with the Reports function bar:

The tools include (from left):



Click here to reopen the Settings dialog box. The settings you previously made will be displayed. Change the data selections to alter the report.

Each report type has slightly different settings.


After changes have been made in the Settings dialog box, click Refresh to recreate the report using the new settings.

Zoom In / Out

Change the magnification of the current print preview.

Print Settings


The print settings of your current default printer.

You must have a printer installed for the report function to operate, see below.


Click to Print the report.

Page Back / Forward

Scroll through multi-page reports.


The standard headline news link. For more information, go to the News help topic.

Printing Reports

Click the Print icon in the toolbar to print the report on your default printer.

You can adjust the print settings, or select another printer (or Adobe Acrobat distiller), from the Print Setting Dialog box.

Note - You must have at least one printer installed before you attempt to use this function. The reporting system takes its formatting data from your printer’s setup system, and the printer needs to be installed before it can successfully do this.

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