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Create Portfolio

Within Your SOFTWARE's Portfolio Manager, all trades and transactions are allocated to a portfolio in an account.

One Portfolio is held in one Account.


The Account is the equivalent of the trading account you would establish with your broker. The account records the cash balance of the portfolios, including profits, brokerage fees, margin and tax. You can create a number of accounts, which lets you separate your trades if you use more than one broker or if you want to separate your practice trades from your actual investments.

An Account will be created each time a Portfolio is created, see below.

Once created, an Account's details can be edited independently of its Portfolio. For more information, go to the Edit Account section of this help topic, below.


The Portfolio groups shares that you have bought and sold and shows their current value - how much you would profit or lose if you sold all of the assets within that portfolio today.

New Portfolio creatportbutn.gif

Create Portfolio

To create a Portfolio, click on the New button in the Account View work page's function bar.

The Create a New Portfolio dialog box will open:


Portfolio Name

Enter a Portfolio Name.

Initially this will be the name of both the Portfolio and its Account.

You can later change the Account Name by selecting the Account Summary row in the Account View workpage and then clicking on the Edit button in the function bar.

Note - * This is a Required Field.

Portfolio Description

Enter a description of the securities held in the portfolio, or the reason why it was created.

Note - * This is a Required Field.

Type of Portfolio

Choose the Type of Portfolio - Equities, Futures, Options or Other

Default Currency

Choose the Default Currency for the Portfolio.

If the Portfolio reflects an portfolio held with an external brokerage, it is suggested that this currency be set to the same currency as the external brokerage.

All details of the portfolio will be displayed in the selected currency.

Edit Portfolio portbutn_edit.gif

Once a portfolio has been created, select a portfolio row and click the Edit button in the Account View workpage's function bar.

The Edit Portfolio dialog box will open:


The Portfolio Details fields are the same as in the Create a New Portfolio dialog box, see above for details.

Edit Account portbutn_edit.gif

An Account's details can be edited independently of its Portfolio.

Select an Account row and click the Edit button. The Edit Account - "Account Name" dialog will open:


The details in the Account Name and Account Description will appear in the Account Row summary on the Account View work page.

The Account Number is initially an auto-number assigned in sequential order by Your SOFTWARE. Users can insert the actual account number here.

Comments and Contact Details may also be entered for reference purposes.

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