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Quote List View

In addition to viewing the economic value of your current positions in accounts and portfolios, you can also view the overall market performance your current investments using a Quote List.

Click on the Quote List View tab to open the window shown below.

You can configure this table to include the information that is most relevant to you and see at a glance how your investments are performing.

Quote Page Functionality

As a general rule, the display in the Quote List View worksheet in Portfolio Manager work page functions the same as normal Your SOFTWARE Quote Pages.

For a full description of the functionality, go to the Quote Pages section of this help.

Function Bar

The one area where the Portfolio Manager work page's Quote List View differs from the standard Quote Page is in their Function Bars.

For instance, in the standard Quote Page new Symbols can be added to a Quote Page using the symbol tree, or directly using the Add button.

In the Portfolio Manager's Quote List View you can only add new symbols to the list via the Enter Transaction dialog box, see the Recording a Transaction topic for more information.

Another difference is the manner in which groups are created. In the standard Quote Page new groups are created and managed using the Group menu in the function bar. In the Portfolio Manager's Quote List View the groups correspond to the portfolio's created in the Account View, the Description appearing in each group summary row being the same as the Description for each portfolio in the Account View.


Click the DoD Refresh button to update the market values of the symbols in the Quote List, for more information refer to the Portfolio Data Update help topic.

Custom Views

The display and/or order of the columns displayed in the table can be changed using the Configure View... command in the Action menu and the View Selector in the function bar. For more information on changing views, go to the Custom Views help topic in the Shared Utilities section.

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