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Transactions tabbed worksheet

The Transactions worksheet of the Portfolio's Details workpage displays all currently filled transactions in the portfolio.

By default, the Transactions table will initially be sorted in chronological order:

Each transaction is displayed on an individual row containing details of the transaction.

The exact details displayed, or order in which they are displayed, can be altered by creating and selecting a different View from the Function Bar's View Selector, see below.

Sort Rows

The order in which the rows of transactions are displayed can be altered by sorting using the columns.

Click on right end of a column heading:



Sort Ascending

Sort Descending

A small triangle will appear and the column will be used to sort the entire chart.

A small gray pyramid will indicate the direction of the sort: Ascending, Descending.

Types of Transactions Displayed

All transactions affecting the Portfolio, unless they are Unfilled, or Deleted, will be displayed in the Transactions worksheet.

The following types of transactions can be displayed:


Buy (Enter) Buy (Exit)
Sell (Enter) Sell (exit)
Cash In Cash Out
Stock In Stock Out
Stock Split  
Dividend Reinvestment Purchase
Dividend Income  
Interest Income Interest Expense

These transactions can all be made, or modified, using the Action menu or transaction pop-up menu.

Unfilled transaction in the Portfolio are displayed in the Orders tabbed worksheet.

To Fill a transaction, refer to the Orders help topic.

Function Bar

With one exception, the Transactions worksheet shares its function bar with the other worksheets on the Portfolio's Details workpage.

Go to the Function Bar section of the Portfolio's Details Overview topic for a detailed description of each of the common tools.

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