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Orders tabbed worksheet

The Orders tab shows a list of all unfilled orders that you have placed with your broker but have not yet confirmed as a transaction.

Transactions in the Orders worksheet are not included in any of the other worksheets in the Portfolio Details workpage.

Transactions are designated Unfilled when they are initially entered into the portfolio using the Enter Transaction dialog box.

Select Unfilled from the Show As section of the Enter Transaction dialog box's Details>> area.

The default setting is Filled.

Filling an Order

When your broker notifies you that the order has been filled, select the order in the table and double left mouse-click to open the Fill Order dialog box:

Type in the actual details of the order as it was executed (i.e. Date of trade, actual Quantity, trade Price and amount of Brokerage) and click OK to set the order to Filled.


Once an order is designated as Filled, it will be removed from the Orders worksheet and will be included in the other worksheets of the Portfolio Details workpage.

Orders Display

The Orders tabbed page has a table, similar to the Transactions table, consisting of all orders for shares or instruments that are currently open in the market and have yet to be filled. 

Sort Rows

The order in which the rows of orders are displayed can be altered by using the sort tool in the column headings.

Click on right end of a column heading, a small triangle will appear and the column will be used to sort the entire chart.

The sort tool's small gray pyramid will indicate the direction of the sort:   Ascending   Descending

Data Fields

The following data fields are included in the Orders worksheet's table.


The first two words on each individual Order row describe the transaction's contract type. 

Normal equities transactions usually will have two types of contract: Buy(Entry) and Sell(Exit).

However, Options and Futures can be either bought or sold, and the position can be entered or exited.

There are four types of Options and Futures contracts: Sell(Entry), Buy(Exit), Sell(Exit) or Buy(Entry).


Each Position group contains all open transactions in for a particular share, option, futures contract, index, etc..

The Symbol for the Position's security is displayed here.


The Exchange on which the positions have been entered.


The Symbol's full name or description.

Order Quantity

The total number of securities in the order.

Order Date

The date the unfilled order was created.

Note - The display and order of the data fields in this table can be changed using the Custom View tool in the Function Bar's Action menu.

Function Bar

The Orders worksheet shares the Function Bar tool set with the other worksheets in the Portfolio Details workpage.

For a full explanation of these tools, go to the Function Bar section of the Portfolio Details help topic.

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