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Portfolio Details workpage

Double-left mouse-click on a portfolio row in the Account View to open the Portfolio Details workpage for that portfolio:

The Portfolio Details work page contains five tabbed worksheets that allow you to view all the securities in each portfolio from a number of different perspectives, as well as to enter transactions and record other activities within that portfolio.

Unlike the Account view or Account Details view, opening a Portfolio Details work page gives you a lot more ways of viewing and analyzing the performance of your portfolio. Select a tab to display the data in different formats on the various worksheets.

The Portfolio Details work page has its own function bar which is used by the five tabbed pages.

Tabbed Pages

The Portfolio Details work page has five tabbed worksheet pages:

Click on one of the tab's to go its respective help topic.

Portfolio Details Function Bar

All of the Portfolio Details tabbed pages share the common function bar:

DoD Refresh Button

All prices and other market data displayed in the portfolio can be updated at any time using the Data-on-Demand Refresh button. When the Refresh button is clicked, the Remote Action Panel will indicate the progress of the data retrieval. The data that is changed will momentarily be highlighted in yellow when the new data is distributed.

Action Menu

The Portfolio Details work page has its own Action drop-down menu.

The Action menu has a number of important commands which are not located anywhere else, and is key to portfolio management.

Note - All of the components and functions of the Action menu are described in the Portfolio Details Action Menu help topic.

Status Filter

The Trades tabbed worksheet has this additional tool in its function bar.

Use the status filter to expand or limit the number of Trades displayed, or to search for a particular trade

There are three choices, the current choice is displayed in the function bar.

Active Trades is the default setting.

For more information, go to the Trades worksheet's help topic.

Analysis Date Selector

This allows you to view your portfolio on a particular day in history.

You can adjust the date at which point you want to view the portfolio using the date feature on the function bar.

Type in a date, or select it from the calendar feature, and the portfolio will be displayed, using only transactions entered prior to that date, and the price data from that date.

View Selector

Views define which columns of data are displayed in the Portfolio's table.

You can create custom view using the Configure… function from the Action drop-down menu.

The Configure View dialog box allows you to create custom views. For information on using this feature, go to the Custom Views topic in the Shared Utilities section.

Click New to create a uniquely named view, then select which Headings will display and click OK to save.

The new view will then be available in the View Selector's drop-down menu.

Select a different view from the drop-down menu to change the columns that are displayed.

Currency Selector

Select a base currency for your table. For more information on which currencies are available and how to update them, for more information refer to the Currencies help topic.

News Headlines

News Headlines are displayed in the available space on the right of the Function Bar.

Click on the headline to see the full article in the News work page.

The News work page also contains a list of Breaking News as well as a search facility. For more information, go to the News work page's help topic.

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