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Account Details work page

From the Account View, double click on an account's row and the Accounts Details window will display:

This work page displays a list of all transactions associated with the selected account.

This includes the purchase and sale of stocks and other financial securities as well as any cash transfers, dividend payments, interest charges, etc. that affect the account.

Adjusting Account Entries

This very useful feature allows you to compare your Your SOFTWARE account with your Broker's account statement and quickly make any adjustments necessary to reconcile the two.

Adjust Transactions

Double left mouse-click on a transaction to open its dialog box.

The dialog boxes will contain all the information that was included when the transaction was originally entered into the Portfolio, for more detailed information go to the Record a Transaction help topic.

Make the necessary adjustments and click OK to save the results. The table will be recalculated suing the new figures.

Adding Transactions

Some new transactions .can be added directly into the Account Details work page.

To add additional entries to the account, click on the Action menu.

Transfer Sub-menu

The commands in this menu allow you to directly record Cash and Stock transfers into and out of the account,

Income / Expense Sub-menu

Income and Expenses that are noted on a Brokers Account statement can be added directly into the Account Details page from the second Action sub-menu.

Use its commands to record Dividend Income, Interest Income and Interest Expenses.

Trade Transactions.

Actual new trade transactions cannot be added into the Account from this work page.

Go to the Portfolios Details work page and use its Action menu to make these types of entries.

Table Display


Each Transaction that currently affects the Cash Balance of the Account will be displayed in its own row in the table.

Each row has a number of data fields that are arranged into columns.

Column Contents

The following columns display Accounts Details data.

Custom View's are not available in the Accounts Details work page, however the order of the rows can be sorted using the column's data type and the order in which the columns appear can be altered, see the below.


Describes the nature of the transaction and its direction, if appropriate.


The security to which the transaction relates.

Cash In and Cash Out are not specifically related to an individual security.


The name of the company or a description of the option or futures contract to which the transaction relates.


The Date of the transaction.

The date's format is the same as the Short Date setting in the Regional and Language Options settings of your Windows® operating system.


The amount of Commission paid in relation to the transaction.


The gross Price per security paid for the transaction.


The total cost or net proceeds of the transaction.


Total = (Quantity x Price) +/- Commissions

Cash Bal.Commissions will be added to the cost of purchases and subtracted from the proceeds of sale.

The Cash Balance for the Account after the current transaction was accounted for.

Note - The Cash Balance column will total correctly when the table is sorted using the Date field, see next section.

Sort Table

Click on the column headings to sort the table using that column.

The sort function toggles between ascending and descending.

When the column is used to sort, a small upward or downward facing triangle will appear at the right side of the column heading.

By default, the Account Details table is sorted by the Date column, however you can adjust this by clicking on the heading you wish to sort by.

Column Order

Adjust the order that the headings are arranged, by left mouse clicking on a heading, holding down the button, and dragging the heading to a new position.

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