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It is important to keep accurate records of your trades and with Your SOFTWARE you can maintain precise, up to date details of all of your trading activities.

Your SOFTWARE has three portfolio management tools that help you to manage your trading.

Portfolio Manager

The Portfolio Manager lets you record not only your trades but also any other activities related to your investments, and lets you view the value of your accounts using the latest price data. You can also generate accurate reports for taxation and account keeping purposes.

In the management window securities are organized into Accounts, each of which contains a Portfolio. Normally an account will be set up for each brokerage account that you have.

The amount of cash held on account can be varied by the user to reflect amounts actually invested with the broker, and debits from the account.

Trades are entered manually, and a link to the broker accounts manager (see below), populates the details of the costs of the trade.

Historical details of past trading activity can also be entered and the current position of those securities monitored in the portfolio. Non-trading events which affect the securities in your portfolios, such capital adjustments like stock splits and dividend reinvestment, are able to be entered.

For each portfolio the positions, trades, transactions and orders can be viewed in detail.

Using the Portfolio Manager, users can manage all of their investment activity in one convenient spot and have all the values updated regularly.

Portfolio Reports

Your SOFTWARE provides a number of predefined and preformatted reports which output details of your portfolios to your printer, they can be viewed or printed at any time.

The Report feature in Your SOFTWARE allows you to create reports for any period of time, enabling you to generate reports for a financial year or a specific trading period.

Reports give you a paper-based backup of your trading activity, and are helpful in the  preparation of financial returns.

Common report types like holdings, transactions, Capital gains/losses can be selected and generated using up to date data.

Broker Accounts

In one management window, all broker accounts can be listed. Contact numbers, contractual terms, commission rates and formulae can all be stored and easily compared.

Default brokers can be set and Brokers selected for particular types of securities and for particular markets.

The details entered in the Broker Account table are available for selection when you enter a transaction's details in the Portfolio Manager.

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