Option Charts

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OptionGear Charts

Due to the highly specialized nature of analyzing option strategies and trading options, a number of special charts were especially developed for OptionGear.

Option Graphs

Option Graphs allow the user to view different aspects of an individual option on the same page.

The feature uses split screen functionality to display a number of different analytical presentations, including tables as well as graphs.

For more information, go to the Option Graphs topic.

Volatility Charts

Volatility Charts are composed of three sections, all relating to the same underlying security: a volatility chart including a number of historical volatilities overlaid on the one chart, bar chart of the underlying security's stock price, and a volatility table.

For more information, go to the Volatility Charts topic.

Volatility Skews

Volatility Skews provide a graphical representation of the implied volatility of a series of options having the same exercise date over the entire range of strikes.

For more information, go to the Volatility Skews topic.

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