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Record as Paper Trade

opanlys_convertotrade.pngThe trading strategies constructed and analyzed in the Option Analysis work pages can be converted into actual entries in an portfolio account.

Using the Portfolio Account traders can monitor the trade, automatically calculate its position, calculate the profit/loss on exit and keep records of the entire trade and its transaction for future reference or tax purposes. For more information go to the Portfolios introduction topic.

Record as Paper Trade Wizard

Use the Record as Paper Trade Wizard to copy the details of the strategy's legs into a selected Portfolio Account.

The Wizard is started by selecting the Record as Paper Trade command in the Strategy tabbed page's Action menu.

The Record as Paper Trade Wizard dialog box will open, it consists of three sequential pages: Welcome page, Select Account and Portfolio, and Conversion Complete


The welcome page explains the purpose of the Record as Paper Trade Wizard.

Click Next to continue or Cancel to close the Wizard.

Select Account and Portfolio

The second page contains a drop down list of all current Portfolios:


Select the Portfolio that the trade will be entered into.

The Account name and the Description inserted when the account was created will be displayed.

Click Next to populate the Account with all the details for the trades.

Conversion Complete

The final page advises that the trade details have been added to the portfolio.

Click Finish to close the wizard.

View Portfolio

To automatically open the Portfolio containing the trade, check the box for Would you like to view the portfolio that this trade was added to?

When the Finish button is clicked, the wizard will close and the Portfolio's work page will open to the Positions tabbed page containing the new trade.

Select the trade and view its details.

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