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Searching for Symbols

Clicking the Search button from many places in Your SOFTWARE to open the Symbol Search dialog box.

The primary method of opening the Search for Symbol window is from the right hand side of your New Price Chart window.

There are two sections to the Symbol Search dialog box: search criteria on the left and search results in the table to the right.

Search Criteria

The search criteria fields allow a wide range of search strategies to be employed. The user can use any combination of the four types of criteria to narrow or widen the search.



The options range from All to specific exchanges for which you receive data.

The exchanges are grouped into countries, from which you select All or a particular country.


Select the type of instrument you want search among.

There is no All option for this criteria.

For Futures and Options, check the following option to search expired contracts as well as current ones.


Search By - Description or Symbol

Search on either the company name (Description), or its Stock Market code (Symbol).

Both of these settings directly affect the next criteria group. In fact when Search By is set to Description, the next group's name changes to Description, when Symbol is chosen it becomes Symbol.

Likewise, when a selection is made in the next group of criteria the text box shifts to the criteria which will be used.

(Symbol) - Starts With

Enter as many letters as you want. The less letters or numbers you enter the more results you will get.

Stock symbols rarely go beyond 4 letters, options and futures symbols can be longer.

(Description) - Starts With

You must enter the first few words of the company name. If it is an unusual spelling, this may not prove to be an effective search strategy. For example, QANTAS Airways would not be found if "quan" was entered even though a "u" normally follows a "q" in English.

(Symbol) - Contains

Enter as many letters as you want, in this case they do not need to be the first letters.

However, the letters must be in the correct order and they must be consecutive.

Again, the less letters or numbers you enter the more results you will get.

Words must be in the correct order and they must be consecutive.

For Options and Futures you are able to search on the expiry code, if you know it.

(Description) - Contains

You can enter any words of the company name.

They do not have to be whole words.

If more than one word, they must be separated by single spaces only.

Words must be in the correct order, and they must be consecutive.

Sometimes the Description name differs from the company's legal name. The search is conducted on the description name that was assigned by the data provider or exchange.


For both Symbols and Description, this criteria requires an exact Symbol or Description name to be entered.

This facility can be used in conjunction with an All Markets setting, or for different kinds of instruments, to find out if the security is traded on other markets, or if the symbol is used by another company on another exchange..


When you have formulated your search criteria, click the Search button  to generate a list of all securities that match the parameters you have set.

If the search cannot match any securities, the following message will display:


Search Results

The results for successful searches are displayed in a table:


The above example is the results of a search with the following parameters:

"Markets: ALL, Instruments: Stocks,

whose Symbol,  Starts With "RJ"

The list can be a re-sorted alphabetically by clicking on the heading of any of the 4 columns.

Select the security you wish to view, chart or include in your quotes page and click OK.

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