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Save Prompt at Exit/Close

At Exit

When you exit Your SOFTWARE, if there are any open work pages that have had changes made to them which were not saved, a prompt will appear asking if you wish to save those changes:


Click No to continue the shutdown of Your SOFTWARE without saving any of the unsaved changes.

Click Yes and a dialog box will appear for each page that has unsaved changes:


Each dialog will identify the page to be saved.

You can save some changed pages by clicking Yes, and discard others by selecting No.

Click Cancel to stop the shutdown process and return to Your SOFTWARE.

File menu Close All

A similar sequence of prompts will appear when the Close All command is selected from the File menu:


Close All will close all open work pages. If there are any unsaved changes, the first prompt (see above) will display.

If you choose No, all the pages will be closed without saving the changes.

If you chose Yes, the second prompt (see above) will appear for each page with unsaved changes.

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