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Select the Print icon, the Printer dialog will appear.

The default printer will populate the printer drop-down list, and its properties will be displayed:


You can change the page layout by going into Properties and changing the page type to landscape or portrait, etc.

Each of the different printers in the drop down list will have a different Properties dialog box.

From the Printer dialog you can change the number of copies to be printed increasing the number of copies in the spin box.


For multiple copies you can also instruct the printer to collate the copies.

Once you have entered all your options, click on OK to print the chart.

Print Area Selection

Some pages print all information, some print the visible screen

For example, for Charts the Print function will print exactly what appears in the chart page work area.

Use the Zoom, Increase/Decrease Spacing, Reset Scales, or Unlock the chart page and drag and drop, to display exactly the part of the chart page, and any additional components, that you want printed.

Print Preview

Preview the print to confirm that the data selected is correct.

Use the navigation buttons and magnification controls on the Print Preview tool bar to preview all the pagers or areas of the print job:




 Users can also modify the printer settings, or begin the print itself, directly from the preview screen by using the tool buttons.

If you are not satisfied with the print job, close the Print Preview and resize or reformat the chart page before previewing again.

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