Page Monitor Bar

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Page Monitor Bar

The Page Monitor bar contains three main areas: the Open Pages List, the Access Panel and the Remote Action Monitor.

The Page Monitor bar can be toggled on or off by clicking the Page Monitor button in the Tool Bar directly above the bar.


Open Pages List

The list in the top of the Page Monitor Bar contains all of the currently open work pages.

Each page has an icon to indicate what type of work page it is and the page's name or description. The user can often specify a name when the page is saved, this name will then appear in the list.

The currently active page will be highlighted in blue.

Select an item from the list to open it in the work area.

Access Panel Area

The access panel provides ready access to tools and Quote pages, as well as providing information on current data downloads.

Select the item to be displayed from the drop down list.

The Function Bar's icons will open the following tools in the Access Panel:


butn_drawngtools.gif Drawing Tools
butn_hilites.gif Hi-Lites
butn_indicators.gif Indicators
butn_favorites.gif Favorites

Click on the above links for more information on each type's access panel.

The Access Panel can also be populated with a list of Quote Pages, or the progress of a data download can assessed in the Remote Action Panel mode.

When tools are applied from the Access Panel, the tool applied to the current work area will be highlighted in the Access Panel.

Frequently used tools can be added to the Favorites Access Panel, this helps users locate their favorite tools quickly.

Many of the tool groups can be detached from the Access Panel, this will place the tools in a palette which can be repositioned above the work area.

Remote Action Monitor

At the bottom of the Page Monitor bar is the Remote Action Monitor. It becomes active when data is requested from the server. It will indicate the progress of the data download.

Downloads can be halted by clicking on this monitor.

For more information, go to the Remote Action Monitor topic.

Displaying the Page Monitor Bar

The Page Monitor bar display can be pinned to the right margin, fixed in place along the right margin, or hidden (turned off) completely.


The following illustrates a pinned Page Monitor in its open display:



When the cursor is rolled over the Page Monitor Side Tab, the Page Monitor displays along the right margin of the work area.

While the cursor is over the Page Monitor bar, the bar will remain open. Multiple Selections can be made from the Windows List or from the access panel.


As soon as the cursor moves over to the work area, the Page Monitor bar will collapse into the Page Monitor Side Tab.

Unpinned (Fixed)

Toggle the pin button its upright position butn_pinoff.gif to fix the Page Manager in place along the right margin of the work area.

When the Page Manager is fixed (unpinned) the Page Monitor Side Tab will not display and the Page Monitor Bar will continue to be displayed at all times.

Hide / Show

Click the Hide Page Monitor button butn_hide.gif to turn off the display of the Page Monitor.

The hide function works in the same manner in both pinned and unpinned mode.

Once the Page Monitor is hidden, it can be reopened by selecting the Page Monitor command from the View menu:


An open Page Monitor can also be hidden by toggling this command.

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