Using the Nav Bar

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Using the Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar is a data reference tool used by the Chart Page and, Quote Page and Scan Results functions.

It provides a central repository for all the securities available to the user, as well as displaying the lists of Chart Pages or, Quote Pages or Scan Results that the user had previously created.

The Symbol Tree can also be used to populate Quote Lists.

Aside from aiding navigation, the other two functions that the Symbol Tree can perform are opening existing charts and creating new charts.

The Navigation Bar allows the user's quote lists, chart page lists and all available data to be in one integrated directory. The collapsible tree structure allows quick access to any of these items, and the search facility utilises the common search function to locate symbols in the Symbol Tree (the search function does not affect the user defined groups).

To find a symbol in the Symbol Tree click on the Search button at the bottom of the Navigation Bar. The standard Software search dialog will open. Go to the Symbol Search help topic for information on using this dialog.

When the search has identified the correct symbol, click on it and the symbol will open at its location in the Symbol Tree. The user can then double click on the symbol to create a new Chart Page, add it to a Quote List, etc.

Populating Quote Lists

To populate a Quote list first open, or create a new, Quote List, and display the Navigation Bar's Symbols Tree.

Go to any symbol in the Symbol Tree and double left mouse click on it.

The symbol, and its details, will be added to the list.

When finished save the list as with any other Quote List. Go to the Quote List help topic for more information.

Opening Existing Chart Pages

Open the Navigation Bar and click to drop down either the Chart Pages or Quote Pages buttons.

Select a symbol from the lists of previously created charts.

Double left mouse click to open the existing chart page.

Create New Chart Pages

Double left mouse click on a security in the Symbol Tree and it will replace the current chart in the work area.

If you have not previously saved the current chart, a dialog box will open asking if you wish to save it.

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