Multiple Listing of Symbol

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Symbols Listed on Multiple Exchanges

While the symbols for each exchange are unique, some symbols are used on more than one exchange by different companies.

Your SOFTWARE has developed processes that allow you to select which exchange you want the symbol to be associated with.

Once you have associated the symbol with an exchange, it will become the default exchange for that symbol.

You can later change the default, see below.

Multiple Occurrence Warning and Search Prompt

When a symbol is entered into a text box and multiple occurrences are detected, the Multiple occurrences of Symbol warning will appear:


Click on the warning to open the Symbol Search selector dialog.

It will display the results for Symbol / Equals "text entered" in the Symbol Search results list:


Select the exchange that you want the symbol to be associated with.

Enter Exchange Manually

If you know the exchange that you want to associate the symbol with, you can manually select the exchange from the drop-down list:


When you select an exchange on which the symbol is listed, the name of the company on that exchange will appear in the Description.

If you select an exchange that does not have a company for the symbol, the following Information message will appear:


Click Yes to go to the Symbol Search selector dialog.

Alternatively, click No and select another Exchange.

Exchange Selected becomes Default for Symbol

Once you have selected an exchange, that exchange will be the default setting for the symbol.

Change the Default

You can manually change the Exchange at a later date.

Select an exchange that also has the same symbol and create the chart, etc.

Thereafter that exchange will become the default, until you manually change it back again.

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