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Default Button

Many settings dialog boxes in Your SOFTWARE contain a Default button which allows the new settings to be saved as the default settings for that particular type of object.

Save new Settings as Default

To save the current settings as the default settings, click the Default button:


In the default settings dialog box Save the Current Settings as Default is pre-selected.

Click OK to save the current settings as your defaults.

Restore Original Settings

Select Restore Original Default Settings if you want to return to the system defaults.

The original system settings are never replaced by the user's defaults, rather they are substituted with new defaults. The original system defaults are always available to be reapplied via this selection.

However, when you restore the original defaults, any user defined settings will be erased.

The following warning appears when the OK button is selected:


Select Yes to overwrite and erase the existing user defined default settings.

Note - Use the Backup and Restore function to save user defined settings.

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