Access Panel

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Access Panel

In the bottom half of the Page Monitor Bar is located the Access Panel.

This multipurpose display area displays details of currently selected tools, such as Indicators and Drawing Tools, or processes, such as data requests. It also contains a list of all Quote Pages.

Tools that are commonly used can be grouped into a Favorites panel for more convenient retrieval and use.

Select the tool or process to be displayed from the Access Panel's drop-down menu:


The tools or processes available for view in the panel depend on the process currently in the work area:


Available in Drop Down Menu: Process open in Work Area:
Remote Action Charts
Quote Pages Charts
Drawing Tools Charts
Hi-Lites Charts
Indicators Charts
Favorites Charts

Remote Action

The features of this panel are fully described in the Remote Action Panel topic.

Quote Pages

The Quote Pages panel is a complete list of all saved Quote Pages, including the predefined Quote pages.

For more information, see the Quote Page topic

To open a Quote Page in the work area, mouse click on its name in the Quote Page Panel list:


Drawing Tools and Indicators

Drawing Tools and Indicators in the Access Panel apply to the price chart currently open in the work area.

Each tool or indicator is represented in the Access Panel by an icon.

Each icon has a tool tip describing it. Hover the mouse over the icon to display the tool tip:


When tools and indicators are applied to the price chart in the work area, the icon indicates that it is active and currently applied to the price chart.

Indicators can be toggled on or off from the Indicators Access Panel.

Detach Floating Palette

The Drawing Tool, Hi-Lites and Indicator Access Panels are linked to the floating palettes for tools and indicators. To display the floating palette, right-mouse click anywhere on the access panel and select Detach from the pop-up menu:


The indicators, Hi-Lites or drawing tools floating palette will display. Apply the indicator or tools in the usual manner.

For more information on these panels, the floating palettes and the available features, see the Drawing Tools and Indicators topics.


The Favorites access panel is populated by the user from the drawing tools and indicators available in their respective panels.

Apply the item in the same way as described previously for Drawing Tools and Indicators.

To add a feature to the Favorites panel, right click the icon and then select Add to Favorites:


The selected item will be added to the Favorites panel.

You can delete items from the Favorites panel, right click the icon and then select Remove from Favorites from the pop-up menu:


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