Remote Action Window

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Remote Action Window

The Remote Action Window lets you view full details of all requests for data that you have made during the current session.


Title Bar

The gear-cog at the top left of the window will rotate when data is being accessed.

The heading in the title bar indicates the data request which is currently being processed, it gives details on the symbol and exchange.

Data Request Information

As each request is made, the symbol is added to the window's list, and the request type, and each instrument's code and exchange are displayed, as well as the time the data was requested (Sent) and the time it was received (Return).

The display is color coded to indicate what stage it has reached in data retrieval:


A response highlighted in orange shows requests that have not been returned.


A green entry indicates successfully returned requests.


A red entry indicates a request that has failed, or an error has occurred.

User Options

Stop Download

Click on the rotating gear-cog icon to terminate the current data transmission.

Scroll through Log

Use the scroll button to scroll through the log of all data requests made during the current Software session.

Displaying the Remote Data Window

Detach from Remote Action Panel

To display the Remote Action Window directly from the Remote Action Panel in the Page Monitor Bar, right-mouse click anywhere in the Remote Action Panel and select Detach from the pop-up menu:


The floating Remote Action Window will open above the work area.

Open from View menu

You can toggle the window on or off by clicking the Show Remote Action checkbox in the View menu.


Minimize Window Display

The window can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the triangle on the top right of the Remote Action window's title bar:


Click the downward facing triangle to expand the window.

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