Remote Action Monitor

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Remote Action Monitor

The Remote Action Monitor indicates when a data communications transaction is taking place.

It is located at the bottom of the Page Monitor bar.


When no data communications are taking place, the monitor icon is gray.

When data communications are in progress the monitor icon becomes animated with arrows, broadcast beams and a blue button:

No Data Transfer Occurring Data Transfer in Progress
remactmontroff.gif remoteactmontron.gif

User Options

You can click on the active icon to terminate the current data transmission.

Other Remote Action options

Your SOFTWARE provides users with three levels of detail to monitor the data download process. The Remote Action Monitor, is the most basic.

The Remote Action Panel indicates which symbol (and its market) data is being requested for, and which data provider the request has been made to. Color-coding indicates the progress of the transaction.

The most detail is provided in the Remote Action Window. It gives detailed information in log format, and is also color coded to indicate the progress of each transaction in real-time.

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