Remote Action Panel

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Remote Action Panel

The Remote Action Panel lets you view all of the requests for data that you have made for the current session.

Some details of the symbols requested, data transmission, and of its progress, can be viewed in the Remote Action view of the Access Panel.

The Access Panel is located immediately above the Remote Action Monitor in the Page Monitor bar.

Open Remote Action Panel

Select Remote Action from the Access Panel’s drop-down menu to view limited details of the current, and most recent, data communications:


Remote Action Panel Display

The Monitor displays a log of all current and recent data communication with the server or servers used by Your SOFTWARE.

The Monitor indicates each symbol for which data has been requested and its exchange, and also indicates by icon which data provider the request has been sent to:


Progress of the request is indicated by the following color codes:


A response highlighted in orange shows requests that have not yet been returned.


A green entry indicates successfully returned requests.


A red entry indicates a request that has failed, or an error has occurred.

Data Provider Icon

To the left of each symbol is an icon indicating which Data Provider is serving the data.

The graphic above has two: HUBB icon_dataprovdr_hubb.gif and Reuters icon_dataprovdr_reutrs.gif

For information on how to change these, go to the Data Providers help topic.

User Options

Scroll through Log

Use the scroll button to scroll through the log of all data requests made during the current Software session.

More Details in Remote Action Window

The most detailed view of data communications is provided by the Remote Action Window.

To display the Remote Action Window directly from the Remote Action Panel, right-mouse click anywhere on the panel and select Detach from the pop-up menu:


The floating Remote Action Window will open above the work area.

For more information, refer to the Remote Action Window topic.

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