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Detailed Symbol Information - Futures

comnd_information.gifAs with other symbols, when users click the button on the Actions for "Symbol" submenu of the Action menu on the Function Bar of many features the Detailed Symbol Information for the symbol will be displayed:


In the case of symbols for futures contract, it contains two tabbed sheets, Symbol and Daily Data.

On the Symbol page the Instrument will be identified as a Future.

When the symbol is a futures contract, then the Futures Specifications button will be visible at the lower left hand corner of the dialog box for each tabbed page.

Detailed Futures Information

Clicking on Futures Specifications button at the bottom of either tabbed page will display the following screen containing details of the contract and other contracts in the Futures Chain:



This section displays further details that are specific to the root symbol of this contract.

Root Symbol

This is derived from the underlying security, or in the case of commodities, is set by the exchange and is related to a specific description.

The root symbol is a unique identifying code for a group of futures contracts.


The exchange is the exchange where the particular futures contract is traded. Each futures contract is only traded on one exchange.


Classes are groups of specific and continuous futures contracts relating to a unique root symbol.


The subclass is a broader grouping than class. Subclass groups contacts into broad categories, which relate to similar commodities or underlying assets.

Contracts in these groups do not necessarily have to be traded on the same exchange.

The symbols tree uses this method of organizing futures contracts.

For example metals, in which futures contracts are grouped in the Symbols Tree.


This gives the method of calculation for the exact day of the month when the future expires.

See the Months Traded box on this dialog to see which months are delivery months for the future.

Minimum Fluctuation


This is the lowest tradable unit in which the future is quoted. This is the equivalent of a point.


The value of each unit varies depending on specification for the futures contract. This is usually expressed in the currency of the exchange on which it trades.


Normally this is the currency of the exchange at which the futures contract is traded.

Months Traded

For many commodities futures, contracts do not expire every month.

The month the futures contract expires is also known as its delivery month.

The delivery months vary from contract to contract and are set by the exchange depending on the needs of market participants. The exchange will also specify when trading in a particular month's contract will begin.

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