Data Providers

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Data Providers

HUBB is the default data provider for Your SOFTWARE and a HUBB account must always be maintained for Your SOFTWARE to function (only HUBB can maintain the system data).

By default, HUBB is set as the data provider for all markets.

For some markets, third party data providers can supply daily, real-time or 20 minute delayed data.

If a third party data provider account has been established, users can access alternative data services for a market (or individual exchange) by selecting Data Providers from the Edit menu.

The Standard settings apply to whole markets.

The Advanced settings apply to individual exchanges.

Standard Settings

The standard Data Providers dialog box contains a list of national markets:


It lists the current Markets for which the system can receive data, and the current Data Provider for each market.

Enable/Disable Data Services

Check each national market's check-box to enable data services for that market.

If a new market is enabled, first run the Symbols Maintenance Wizard to download/update the symbols for that market before attempting to retrieve data for the market.

Select Market

Select markets by checking the box in front of the country's name. All markets in that country will be available.

For countries with more than one market, you can customize the settings for each market by using  the Advanced dialog box.

Data Provider

If you have more than one Data Provider for the market, select one from the drop down list.

Note - Your SOFTWARE always has at least  one data provider - the HUBB Organization.

Classification Type

Your SOFTWARE primarily uses the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) to organize stocks and other instruments in the Navigation Bar's Symbol Tree.

ICB is a global classification system created by Dow Jones Indexes and FTSE. It offers a detailed and comprehensive structure allowing three levels of classification: 10 Industries, 18 Supersectors and 39 Sectors.

ICB system is applied to all stock markets available within Your SOFTWARE.

For the Australian market, an alternative classification system is available: GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard).

GICS is similar to ICB in that it provides for classification of securities based on sector and industry definitions.

Users can select between the two systems for ASX stocks using the drop down menu.

Note - After selecting an alternative classification system, Your SOFTWARE will need to be restarted for the ASX symbol tree to be reconstructed using the different system.

Advanced Settings

The Advanced function allows the user to define which markets in each country for which data will be retrieved and allows the Data Provider to be specified for each market:


Check the box for each exchange that you want data to be retrieved for.

Select the Data Provider from the drop down box.

Note - Your SOFTWARE always has at least one data provider - the HUBB Organization.

Data Provider's Subscription Renewal Notice

The initial purchase of Your SOFTWARE includes an annual data subscription with the HUBB Organisation.

Third party providers may have other plans available.

When the HUBB subscription is due to expire, the following warning will appear:


Contact the telephone numbers provided to extend the subscription.

Other data provides and data services may have slightly different methods of notifying users when their subscriptions are about to expire.

Note - Your SOFTWARE requires HUBB system data to operate.

A data account subscription with HUBB organization must always be in effect. Users with additional third party data providers must also keep their HUBB subscription current.

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