Data on Demand Update

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Data on Demand Update / Refresh

The data in individual charts, or the data for all of the symbols in a Quote Page or Portfolio, can be updated using the same update button functionality.

Click the Data-on-Demand Refresh button/icon to retrieve current price data for the security or group of securities: butn_go-off.gif

The response of the active screen will vary depending on what feature is being refreshed.

Price charts will add the data onto the chart, tables will highlight data that is currently being updated in yellow and turn the highlight off when the refresh is complete.

Data Download Progress Indicators

While the data retrieval is taking place, the Remote Action Monitor will be active.


You can select the Remote Action Panel to display more details of the progress of the request and retrieval of data.

For in-depth details of the instrument codes, exchanges,  time the data was requested, time data was returned, etc., display the Remote Action Window.

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