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Each feature of the Your SOFTWARE has its own function bar, which provides access to the specific tools used by that feature.

The Function Bar is located immediately above the work area, and immediately below the Tool Bar.

Common Function Buttons

There are a number of common buttons that are used across a number of Your SOFTWARE features.

A list of these tools are outlined in the Common Function Bar Tools topic.

The following are examples of Function Bars, note that each example has links to specific topics addressing the particular feature and its tools.

Example Function Bar ‘ Charting

The following is an example of the function bar array of an equities chart

Symbol Details

When a feature references a base symbol, the details and controls for that symbol are normally found on the left hand side of its Function Bar:


Components typically include the refresh button, the symbol box, an exchange drop-down box and the symbol's description.  Search functions are also included in this area.

For more details on the Charting Function bar go to the Chart Window topic.

Tool Array

A good example of a standard tool set appears in the center-right of the chart window's Function Bar:


Charting Tools include Interval (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly) selection menu, the Action drop-down menu, Stream Data button, Save button, Cross Hairs tool, Data Window button, Zoom button, Drawing Tools, Indicators, Hi-Lites, the Walk Through tool and Favorites.

Other tools controlling the display of the work space include the Pre-computed Scans button and the Navigation Bar display controls.

The most recent News headline is also included in the tool bar menu. Single left-mouse click on the Headline to view it in the News Article window of the News workpage.

For more information, go to the Headline News help topic.

Click the links in the previous paragraphs, or go to the Chart Window topic for more information.

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