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The Sell feature allows users to directly enter Sell orders for stocks, CFDs, options and futures through a linked brokerage account.

Your SOFTWARE currently supports optionsXpress for direct trade execution.

To open the Sell order ticket window, click the Sell command from the Broking drop-down menu on the main toolbar.


If a broker account has already been setup in Your SOFTWARE, the relevant order entry ticket will be opened and displayed. If no broker accounts have been setup, the Broker Account Configuration screen will be opened by default and the broker application process can be used to open an account.


If multiple broker accounts have been setup in Your SOFTWARE and no default broker account has been selected, then clicking the Sell icon will open the Select a Broking Account window. This allows users to select which broker account to enter and execute trades from.


After selecting the broker account to trade from, users will be asked for their account password.

The Order Entry screen will be opened with a default Sell ticket after a valid password is entered. If an invalid password entered, users will have to try again.

optionsXpress Account

An optionsXpress brokerage account allows users to directly trade Stocks, Futures, Options and Indexes on the United States market. To setup an optionsXpress account within Your SOFTWARE, see the topic optionsXpress Brokerage Configuration.

If an optionsXpress account has already been setup and set to the default account in the system, the Order Entry screen will open. See the topic Buy or Sell Using optionsXPress for more detailed information on using the order entry ticket to enter and execute trades.

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