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optioneticslogo25.gifThis content is provided in support of the Optionetics module for Your SOFTWARE and may not be applicable to your package. For more information, go to the Modules topic of this help.

Platinum List Exchange

Users who also have a Platinum account with Optionetics can import lists created in Platinum into Your SOFTWARE.

Currently these lists can be used to populate lists on Quote Pages or Scan Results lists.

Lists downloaded to , and then subsequently altered, can be re-exported to Platinum.

Users who frequently employ this utility can set the Platinum button to appear on the end of Your SOFTWARE's Tool Bar:


Refer to Platinum Data Provider Settings topic for details on how to set this display.


To run the list exchange function, either click the Platinum Tool Bar button (see above) or select Platinum List Exchange from the Tools menu:

The first time you run the list exchange function, it requires entry of your Platinum Username and Password. All users with a current Platinum account have been provided with these. You will only need to enter  these details once via the following dialog:


The maximum number of symbols per download can be set and the display of the Platinum button in the toolbar can be turned off in this dialog.

If required, the settings can later be altered in the Platinum Data Providers page of the Application Settings.

The tool will contact the Platinum server, confirm your account details, and download details of available lists.

loading.gif The Loading indicator will display.

List Exchange Interface

The list exchange’s interface will show lists available in Platinum on the left, and locally in Your SOFTWARE, on the right:


Three types of list can be selected from Platinum: PlatinumList, UserList and pre-computed. Use the Show: drop-down menu to control the display of lists in these groupings.

Select a list from one of these groups in the left drop-down menu to send to Your SOFTWARE.

In Your SOFTWARE window select either the Quote Lists or Scan Results from the Show: drop-down menu. All lists, organized into groups, for the selected type will be displayed.

Select the group into which you want the new list created, or the group where an existing list to be overwritten is located, and click New or Overwrite to import the list.


For New lists, the user will be prompted to name the list:


Type in a new name, or click OK to accept the existing Platinum name.

The contents of the list will then be retrieved from the Platinum server and downloaded to Your SOFTWARE.


To transfer the contents of a list in Platinum to a current list in Your SOFTWARE, select a list from the left window and a list in the right window and click Overwrite>>. The contents of Your SOFTWARE list will be replaced by the contents of the Platinum list.

Importing from Platinum to Your SOFTWARE

Click a Platinum list name under the Optionetics Platinum list located on the left window.


Click on the New>> button to transfer the list. This will launch the Save File As dialog box.


Enter a file name for the quote list file next to the File Name input box and then click the Save button.

Note - It is better to leave the default quote list file name. This file name was assigned from the Platinum List Exchange.

Note - You can save your quote list file in any location. To save your quote list file to your preferred location, browse to your target location by changing the Save In input box located at the top of the Save File As dialog box.

Exporting from Your SOFTWARE to Platinum

Lists from Your SOFTWARE can only overwrite UserList type lists in Platinum.

To transfer the contents of any list in Your SOFTWARE to a current list in Platinum, select a list from the UserList group in the right window.


Then select a target list to transfer to by clicking a Platinum list in the left window.


Finally, click the <<Overwrite button. The contents of the Platinum UserList list will be replaced by the contents of Your SOFTWARE list.

New lists from Your SOFTWARE cannot be exported into Platinum.

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