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Systems Testing

The advanced System Testing capability included in Your SOFTWARE permits the use of plain language to construct systems that can be tested on any of the markets covered by Your SOFTWARE over any time period for performance and profitability.


Your SOFTWARE's System Testing allows users to build and run trading systems quickly and accurately.

Enter all of the information related to your trading activities and create a Trading System that can be run against markets or other groups of stocks.

New Trading System

Click the New Trading System command to open the System Builder interface, initially the System Criteria tabbed page will be displayed.

When the criteria has been defined, the new Trading System can tested, further refined and then saved for reuse as an individual file with the .tds file extension.

Open Trading System

Click the Open Trading System command to open, edit and run tests using previously saved .tds files

New System Stop

System Stops allow users to nominate price levels in the market or predefine dollar or percentage trade values at which to exit a trade.

Click the New System Stop to define the stop criteria and save it as a .stp file.

Once a stop has been defined it can be applied to a Trading System.

Defining stops separately from the rest of the Trading System allows users to define their favorite method of exiting a trade and be able to consistently apply it to any of a number of Trading Systems without having to redefine it each time.

Open System Stop

Existing System Stops can be edited using the Open System Stop command.

For more information, go to the System Testing topic.

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