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Options Tools

Single left mouse click drop-down arrow to the right of the Options icon to view its commands menu.

The menu contains commands for the various types of Options Analysis Tools.


The Options feature allows you to create complex options strategies and view their performance under a range of different market conditions.  Determine which combination of options are the most profitable based on your forecast of the market. 

New Analysis

Create a new analysis for each security and all of its derivative options. Each analysis is referenced to a single security, an all the derivatives available for trade are able to be monitored and analyzed in one convenient location.

For more information, go to the Option Analysis help topic.

Open Analysis

Analyses can be saved and periodically updated with new data.

Select a saved analysis from the Saved Analyses list selector dialog. This dialog box follows standard Software File Selector functionality.

OptionGear Charts

The following three charts are part of the OptionGear feature set and are specifically designed to assist the analysis and trading of options.

Option Graphs

View detailed information on a specific option, including close price and calculated value, historical and implied volatility, underlying stock price and all of the Greeks.

For more information, go to the Option Graphs topic.

Volatility Charts

Compare the historical volatility for an underlying security for different periods.

For more information, go to the Volatility Charts topic.

Volatility Skews

View a graphic display of the current prices for all options in a series.

For more information, go to the Volatility Skews topic.

OptionGear Calculators

The following OptionGear calculators are dedicated to options trading:

Fair Value Calculator

Calculates the Fair Value of an option.

For more information, go to the Fair Value Calculator topic. 

Volatility Calculator

Calculates the Implied Volatility of an option.

For more information, go to the Volatility Calculator topic.

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