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Charts Tools

Your SOFTWARE possesses a number of powerful charting tools, which allow you to perform comprehensive technical analysis on underlying securities and then view how the specific options for that security are performing.

Single left mouse click drop-down arrow to the right of the Charts icon to view the Charts tool selection.


New Price Chart

This lets you view Price Charts for a security and apply a comprehensive array of technical analysis tools.  Choose from bar, line, candlestick or point and figure charts.  Adjust the period (interval), from a daily chart to a yearly chart, and then apply technical indicators and drawing tools for detailed analysis.

For more information, go to the Introduction to Charts help topic.

Open Price Chart

Access your saved chart pages, including any analysis tools that you have applied.  Charts will appear with the latest price data and can be further adjusted and analyzed.

For more information on the saved charts list and interface, go to the Saved Chart List help topic.

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