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Help Menu

Single left mouse click, or type Alt + H, to drop down the Help menu.

The Help menu contains four menu items and three links on a submenu.


Click on Contents to open Help at its start page, with the table of contents displayed.

About Modules

The command opens the About Modules help topic.

This gives information on how to identify which tools and features are associates with a Module, what Modules are available, and how to install new Modules.

For more information, go to the About Modules help topic.

HUBB Web Site

This submenu provides convenient links to the HUBB Organisation and Your SOFTWARE's websites.

On-line tutorials, articles, updates and a wide range of information are available at these websites.



This topic describes which Version of Your SOFTWARE is currently installed on your machine and gives valuable Copyright, Product Disclaimer and other information.

For more information on this facility, go to the About this Software help topic.

System Information

It also has System Information facility. The data in this display is created by referencing your PC. This is particularly valuable information for technical support personnel may require information from this facility to diagnose problems.

For more information on this facility, go to the System Information help topic.

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