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Window Menu

Your SOFTWARE work pages are displayed as windows and are designed to behave in the normal Windows® manner.

Function Bar controls

The Window controls in the function bar control the display of individual work pages:





Left Icon Window controls drop-down menu

Right Corner Window display buttons

As with other window applications, click the icon at the left of the Menu Bar to drop down the window display commands for the currently open work page, or go to the right corner of the currently open window and use the window display buttons.

When Restore Down is selected, the Window menu in the see below, will control the display of the work page windows in the work area.

Menu Bar Window Menu

The Window menu contains a number of menu items, and lists details of each current window.



Each new window will open one on top of the other.

Tile Vertically

Each open window will be dispalyed vertically, side by side with one another.

Tile Horizontally

Each open window will open horizontally, one above the other.

Arrange Icons

All the icons are grouped in the lower, left corner of the screen.

Minimize All

Changes all windows to icons.

Close All

Select this command to close all work pages.

Window List

Each currently open work page is listed at the bottom of the Window drop-down menu.

Select a work page to make it the currently active page. The active work page is indicated by the checked box in front of its name on the list.

If the work page is minimized, it can be opened from this list.

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