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File Menu


Single left mouse click, or type Alt + F, to drop down the File menu.

The File menu contains five menu items:


menubtn_filenew.gifClick on New in the File menu to display the submenu containing all the types of output able to be created in Your SOFTWARE.

Your SOFTWARE has up to nine types of New output:



menubtn_fileopen.pngClick on Open in the File menu to open an item previously created, such as a price chart, quote page, analysis, saved scan result or to view and edit your portfolio.

Alternatively you can open the scanner tool, news or portfolio reports tool.

Click on any of the items in the submenu to go to the Help topic for that item:


All the commands (except Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Reports) open the standard File Selector dialog box to find a particular file or to organize the saved items into groups, allowing the user to organize and later locate large numbers of saved items rapidly.

Close All

This command will close all currently open work pages.

A warning message similar to the Save at Exit Prompt will display.

Click No to continue the closing the pages without saving any of the unsaved changes.

Click Yes and a dialog box will appear for each page that has unsaved changes to confirm the individual save.


Select Settings to customize Your SOFTWARE.

The settings dialog box is a tabbed sheet containing many system settings.

For more information on this menu item go to the Application Settings topic.


You can click Exit from the File menu to close Your SOFTWARE.

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