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The Menu Bar appears above the tool bar and provides a number of Your SOFTWARE features:


The Menu Bar resembles a standard Windows menu bar, but each menu contains Software commands.

Click on the menu items above, or on the links at the end of this topic, for a full description of the menus and the commands contained in them.

Alt - Access Keys

You can open the menus and make selections using the mouse, alternatively you can use the keyboard to navigate through all the Menu Bar's functions.

Notice that the Access Key character for each menu is underlined, and that one of the menu items is selected.

To drop the menu down, hold down the Alt key and type the corresponding Access Key character on the keyboard. The menu list will drop-down.

Next type the Access Key character corresponding to the drop-down command to open its work page or dialog box.

Arrow Key Navigation

Alternatively, once a menu is selected, navigate through the menu bar, each menu's list, drop-down menus and sub-menus, using the Arrow Keys.

As you move through the various menus and commands, type Enter to run the command opening a work page or dialog box..

Menu Bar Commands

Click on the following links for more information on each Menu item:

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