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Common Screen Elements

The following screen elements are present whenever Your SOFTWARE is running:


The Title Bar, Menu Bar, Tool Bar and Status Bar will always have the same composition, although the data presented in the Title Bar and Status Bar will vary.

The Function Bar is different for each Software function, displaying commands for that function.

Title Bar

The Title Bar displays Your SOFTWARE Logo and name, and a description of the current view.

When Your SOFTWARE is the active window, the title bar will be dark blue. When another application is active, Your SOFTWARE title bar will be grayed-out.

The standard windows controls are on the extreme right of the title Bar.

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar contains commands which are important, but which are not frequently used.


Click on any of the Menu buttons in the above graphic to go to a help topic for that button.

For more information go to the Menu Bar help topic.

Tool Bar

The Tool Bar contains links to the most frequently used features of Your SOFTWARE:



Click on any of the Tool buttons to go to a help topic for that button.

For more information go to the Tool Bar help topic.

Function Bar

The Function Bar contains tools and commands specific to the currently active work area.

For more information go to the Function Bar help topic and refer to the help topics for the different commands and features.

Work Area

The work area in the Page Monitor mode is where the active work page is displayed.

The current Function Bar will always relate to the currently active work page in the work area.

Status Bar

The status bar has three components or sections:


In the left portion the current cursor selection is often identified, in this example the cursor was positioned over the Charts Tool Bar button.

The middle section provides information on your Server Connection.

The lower right corner of the status bar allows you to resize Your SOFTWARE window.

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