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Single Stock Analysis (SSA) Overview

ValueGain's Single Stock Analysis (SSA) feature allows users to analyze a single stock from a number of different perspectives.

The SSA work page has five tabbed pages, all relate to the same stock.

Each tabbed page displays different information about the same, individual stock and the final tabbed page allows that stock's fundamental data to be compared in a table with the data for other stocks.

The stock that is being analyzed, and details of the most recent data returned for that symbol, is displayed in the function bar of the SSA work page:


Select one of the tabs to display its page.

Each page has different content, the above example shows the headings on the Experts Analysis tabbed page.

For more information on each tabbed page, click on the tab in the graphic above, or click on the following links:

Change Stock

The selected stock can be changed using the common Symbol Selector at the top left of the work page's function bar.


Enter a new symbol and click the Refresh button to apply that stock to all the tabbed pages of the SSA.

Accessing the SSA work page

The Single Stock Analysis (SSA) feature can be accessed from a number of different locations in Your SOFTWARE.

The method of opening the SSA will often determine which tabbed page it opens on.

Fundamental Tool Button Menu

The most direct method of opening individual tabbed pages of the SSA is via the Tool Bar's Fundamental drop-down menu:


Select any of the SSA commands on the menu and an Enter Symbol dialog box will open.

Enter the symbol for the Stock you want to analyze and click OK.

The SSA will open at the tabbed page selected.

You can go to the other tabbed pages to view data for the same stock, or you can change the stock using the SSA's symbol selector and butn_go-off.gifbutton on the SSA function bar.

Select Stock from Fundamentals Start Page's Symbols List

The Single Stock Analysis (SSA) work page can also be opened by double left-mouse clicking on a stock in the Symbols list on the Fundamentals Start Page.

This will have the dual effect of changing the current stock and opening the Single Stock Analysis work page at the Experts Analysis tabbed page.

Select an SSA Icon from the Fundamentals Start Page Function Bar

Open the SSA work page by selecting any of the tabbed pages' icons on the Fundamentals Start Page's function bar:


The stock currently in the Fundamentals Start Page results display are will populate the tabbed page whose icon is selected.

Click Start Page Result for more details

ssa4_dpschartexample.gifSingle right-mouse-click on a graph bar in either the Earnings Per Share or Dividends Per Share graph for the stock currently in the Fundamentals Start Page results display to open the SSA work page at its Reported Data tabbed page.

The selected Reported Item, Earnings Per Share (EPS) or Dividends Per Share (DPS), will be opened and displayed in the Reported Data tabbed page.

The display will be of a data table in the top right portion of the tabbed page, and data graph in the lower right.

The graph's display (flat or 3D) is controlled by the Application Settings Fundamentals tab.

Users can then select other Reported Items for the same stock from the list on the left margin of the Reported Data tabbed page.

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