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Your SOFTWARE follows standard Windows work page display principles, this allows users to have more than one work page open simultaneously.

Viewers can Maximize the work pages and view one at a time. Users can then navigate among the open windows using the page monitor.

Alternatively users can view all of the open work pages in the work area at the same time, each in their own individual window. The exact size, display and arrangement of the windows in the work area is controlled by the user. The options available include Cascade, Vertical or Horizontally aligned, or minimized.

Users control the display of each work page window using the controllers located in the top right corner of the window.windowscontrols_left.gif

Your SOFTWARE has its own window controller, and each work page has its own controller. When the work page window is Maximized, the currently opened work page window's controller is in Your SOFTWARE's Menu bar, see graphic at right.

For each window controller, there are four standard buttons, only three of which will display at a time: Restore Down and Maximize toggle between each other.

When the windows are floating in the work area, whether Restored Down or Minimized, each work page window has its own controllers in its title bar.

Maximize configuration

Maximize will cause the floating window to expand to fill the entire work area.

Its windows control button will move back to Your SOFTWARE's Menu bar, see graphic above.

Maximizing one floating or minimized window will Maximize all open work pages.

Other Windows Display Options

All open work pages can be individually controlled using their window display controls described above, or they can all be centrally controlled using the commands in the Window menu in the Menu bar:


The Window drop down menu is always visible and available to be applied to all open windows simultaneously.

Window View Options

There are four viewing options: Cascade, Tile Vertically, Tile Horizontally and Minimize All.

In addition, all open work pages can be closed simultaneously (Close All), and all the minimized icons can be arranged along the lower border of the work area (Arrange Icons).

For more information, go to the Window menu bar help topic.

Currently open Work Pages

Below the view options is a list of all the currently open work pages.

They are listed in the order in which they were opened, and contain a description of the work page type as well as their name and other information about the work page.

Click on a work page to bring it to the top as the current window.

Restore Down

Restore Down will create a smaller floating window in the work area for the current work page.


The example above has been restored down.

The individual work page windows all occupy the work area.

The currently active window will be displayed on top of the others, if previously minimized they will be restored to the same state.

Navigate between windows by activating a window with a mouse click from the cursor, or by selecting the work page in the Page Monitor.


Select Cascade to arrange all the open items in individual windows arranged one on top of the other, the top-most, open window being the lowest in the group and the furthest to the right:


Select the title bar of each window to activate it and bring it to the top.

The individual windows can be repositioned and resized using the cursor. Select the title bar and drag to a new position. Select and edge or corner of a window to resize it.

Tile Vertically

Select Tile Vertically to arrange all the open items in individual windows in vertical groupings:


In this instance three work pages are displayed vertically while two work pages are minimized and arranged along the bottom margin.

Tile Horizontally

Select Tile Horizontally to arrange all the open items in individual windows which extend for the length of the main window, and are arranged one on top of the other.

The display is similar to Tile Vertical, see above, except that any straight lines of division are horizontal, rather than vertical.

Minimize All

Select Minimize All to collapse all open items into icons:


In the Minimize all view you can drag and drop and rearrange your icons into meaningful groups.

Open the icons by clicking on the windows control button on the right side of each icon's title bar, or right click on the title bar and select from the dialog box that appears.

When a work page window is minimized only its Title Bar containing three buttons will display:

  • Restore Up button (this toggles with the Minimize button)
  • Maximize Button
  • Close button

windowminimized.gif Individual windows can be repositioned and resized using the cursor.

Arrange Icons

Select Arrange Icons to minimize and group all of the icons along the bottom margin of the main window.

The icons will be placed from left to right, a second row will begin when the icons fill up the entire bottom margin.

The Restore Down button, and the Maximize button, toggle between each other and the display of one will replace the other.


Click this button to close the application, or the current work page.

Closing the a work page or the application will begin the normal closing sequence.

Closing an unsaved work page will result in the Save As dialog box to open.

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