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Page Monitor

The Page Monitor contains controls for the currently open work pages.

The Page Monitor bar consists of three parts:

Page List


The Page List controls which page is currently displayed, and lists all currently active pages that are available for immediate display.

The bottom sections of the Page Monitor bar contains information on the currently open page, and tools that can be applied to that page. The two components of the section are the Access Panel and the Remote Action Monitor.

Open Pages List

The key feature of Page Monitor Mode is the vertical list which appears at the right of the main screen.

The Page Monitor list shows all the work items currently open in the work area.

The icons to the left of the words indicate the type of page open.

The current page is highlighted and clicking on either the words or icon will open that page.

Customized Names

It is possible to save the chart with a name that is easily recognizable. The name that you use to save the work item will display in the Page Monitor list:

All new work items will display the full description name in the Page Monitor list. If you want that full name to continue to display in the list, remember to save the work using its full description name, or a name which you will remember.

Access Panel

The access panel contains information on the currently open page, such as details of data requests and tools that can be applied to that page.

Select from the drop-down list:


The access panel also contains a list of saved quote pages, these can be selected for display in the work area.

For more information, go to the Access Panel topic.

Remote Action Monitor

The Remote Action Monitor graphically displays the current state of data retrieval requests to the server:


For more information, go to the Remote Action Monitor topic.

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