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Introduction to Your SOFTWARE Screens

In Your SOFTWARE the basic working platform is always a single, active work page.

The main software window will always have a common Menu Bar and Tool bar at its top margin, and can have the Page Monitor displayed or hidden along its right margin.

Any number of work pages can be open at one time, but only one will be the active work page. The currently active work page can be selected from either the Page Monitor list, or from the Window drop down menu in the Menu Bar when in the Window mode.

Integrated Investor Screens

Broadly speaking, there are two types of Integrated Investor screens:

Features Sets and Modules Screens

Many of the screens in Integrated Investor are associated with one of the Features sets or a module.

Two of the features sets also have their own Start Pages.

For more details follow the links below:

Window Display Controls

Using the standard Windows® Display Controls, more than one page can be viewed at the same time in Your SOFTWARE's work area.

For more information, go to the Windows Display topic.

Typical Software Chart Page Screen

When a typical price chart is opened, the following typical work page screen will display:


Common Screen Menus and Controls

The bars at the top of the screen (Title Bar, Menu Bar and Tool Bar) are common to all work page screens.

Contents and appearance of the next bar, the Function Bar, varies considerably from work page to work page.

Likewise the Page Monitor is common to all work page screens, while the Symbol Tree is only available for Price Charts and Quote Pages. The display of both of these screen elements can be turned on or off by the user.

For more information, go to the common work page screen help topic.

Start Page work page

Your SOFTWARE's Start Page is provides an accessible platform for users to quickly analyze market opportunities from three perspectives:

  1. Pre-computed Scans
  2. Technical Analysis
  3. Fundamental Analysis

The Start Page fuses all the beneficial elements of fundamental studies, technical analysis and consensus figures into one comprehensive and thorough display.

The Start Screen work page appears each time HUBB Financial is started

Pre-computed Scans

The most recent Pre-computed scan results are displayed on the left margin.

Change market and scan type to retrieve the required results:


Technical Analysis

Once a scan result is selected, its price data will be displayed in a chart together with current key snapshot of its price data. Consensus Technical data analysis will be calculated and displayed in the Technical Analysis Dashboard.

Fundamental Analysis

Resources for conducting a thorough Fundamental analysis of the selected stock are displayed.

For the specific security the Fundamental Analysis Dashboard from the ValueGain features set is displayed as well as the Brokers consensus indicator.

General market and economic conditions can be monitored in the World Market Charts, key economic snapshot figures and News headlines.

Using the integrated techniques on this work page, you can improve share selection and investment portfolio performance.

For more detailed description of each of the components, go to the Integrated Investor Start Page topic.

Feature Set Screens

The following screens are associated with the various features sets included in Integrated Investor:

ProfitSource Features Set

The ProfitSource features set contains the following components:

Options Specific Screens

The OptionGear features set contains a number of screens specific to options trading.

Foremost is the OptionGear Start Page.

It contains the Options Strategy Wizard and other useful information, as well as links to other option trading tools and OptionGear screens.

For more information go to the help topics for the following OptionGear screens:

ValueGain Features Screens

The following help topics apply exclusively to the screens and tools provided by the ValueGain features set:

Futures and Foreign Exchange Screens

Most of the Futures/FX features set work pages can be accessed from the Futures/FX tool bar button's drop-down menu:

Module Specific Screens

Safety in the Market Module sitmicon34.gif

The Safety in the Market module contains various Gann Tool functionality and other features that support ABC trading techniques. 

Most of these functions and tools integrate into existing functionality when the Module is installed, and the work pages function exactly the same as previously, except that they have the additional functionality included in the module.

An example is the Time Swing chart type. When the Safety in the Market module is installed, the price chart work page will then have the option of displaying price charts in swing chart format, all other functionality of the work page will remain the same.

Another example are the ABC pre-computed scans that are available from the Integrated Investor Start Page when the Safety in the Market module is installed.

The following help topics apply exclusively to the features included in the Safety in the Market module:

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