Navigation, Tools and Settings

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Screen and Pages

Your SOFTWARE has a number of different screens used for different tasks.

Go to the Introduction to Screens help topic for an overview and links to more detailed topics.

Menus, Tool Bars and other controls

Your SOFTWARE displays a number of common controls for all of its functions. This facilitates navigation between different tasks.

The Menu bar and Tool bar always display. The Function bar is specific to each feature and it's components depend on which feature is currently open.

Go to the Common Screen Elements help topic for an overview and links to more detailed topics.

Shared Utilities

In addition to common command elements, many of Your SOFTWARE's features share common tools. In some instances the user's preferences can be saved as default settings available for use in all features.

Go to the Shared Utilities help topic for an overview and links to more detailed topics.


Your SOFTWARE supports user customization on a wide range of levels:

System Settings

These settings are generally clustered in the Systems Settings dialog.

Global Work Settings

Settings and Preferences which apply to work and which may be changed from time to time are generally located in the Menu Bar, go to the System Settings and User Preferences topic for a list of these commands.

Local Settings

Many settings are purely local in effect, for example text formatting or line styles. In most cases, use the cursor to select the item and double left mouse-click to open its Properties dialog box.

Go to the Properties and Parameters Dialog Boxes topic for more information on their common features and functionality.

Default Settings

In many instances setting can be saved by the user as a default. Often these default settings will persist when the tool is used with another feature. There are many instances of these setting, refer to the help for the particular tool or dialog for a full description and explanation. Go to the Default Button topic for a full explanation of how this feature works.

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