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Economic Reports Calendar work page

The Economic Reports Calendar provides users with notice of important announcements for various different markets as well as current news headlines linked to the full news story.

It is particularly useful for Futures traders where often, owing to the high leverage involved, an otherwise small movement in the market caused by an announcement can have important ramifications for the value of a position.

Event Type Groupings

Events are grouped into three types: International Economic Reports, US Agricultural Reports and US Economic Reports.

For each group, a list of upcoming Events will be listed.

Open the Futures/FX tool bar menu and select Economic Reports Calendar, the following work page will display:

Select a pane on the graphic above and click to go to an explanation of its function below.

Date Selector Calendar

Use the calendar to select a date for Events to be retrieved for.

The current date is highlighted with a blue outline, the calendar will open to the current date by default.

Users can select dates prior to the current date to retrieve events from that date. When a new date is selected it will be highlighted by a full blue box.

Move to previous months by clicking the left-facing blue triangle, the previous month's calendar will display.

Return to later months by clicking the right-facing blue triangle.

As new days are selected, the Events List will be repopulated with events data retrieved for that date.

Event Types Selector

The Event Types controls what events are retrieved and displayed in the Events List.

Select one of the Event Types to display events for the type (and date previously selected, see previous) in the Events List.

Events List

The contents of the events list depends on the Event Type selected, as well as the date selected.

For each event the date of the Event, a short description and the time and date that the event will occur for the local user i.e. the time the local user's PC is set relative to the time of the location where the actual event will take place.


The lower part of the Economic Reports Calendar work page contains a list of Headlines of breaking news.

The first headline in the list will be the same as the headline in the function bar at the top of the work page.

Single left-mouse click on the Headline to view it in the News Article window of the News work page.

The work page also includes a list of other Breaking News and a Search News facility containing search and news filter tools.

For more information, go to the Headline News help topic.

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